Otaku Chic

The art is finally up and what a long strange journey it has been.

First a bit about myself:
I've chosen concentration rather than conformity, imagination in place of mainstream social acceptance. Have you?

The term "Otaku" is considered an insult by some. I embrace the term. And actually appreciate it ^_^
Whether you call yourself Otaku or not, you will find things that make you feel alllllll squishy inside right here at Otaku Chic because being a geek is cool.

Sponsorship assistance made it real for us to run this valuable website free of charge.

Growing up I was an outcast, NOW I run one of the biggest geek stores on the internet! So poo on you highschool!

I am dedicated to preserving Otaku culture so I've made this site to be a haven for the obsessive habits of the otaku of the world! I've got comics, video games, anime, cosplay, figurines and way more to slate your otaku thirst for fun and frolic. So DIG IN! And if you think something else should be listed here that isn't, just email me at [email protected].


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